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101 in 1001

Going Green

  1. Cut out all chemical household cleaners
  2. Make my own household cleaners
  3. Start using all natural hygiene products
  4. Start using reusable grocery bags
  5. Start using fabric snack/sandwich bags
  6. Cut out all plastic food storage
  7. Change all light bulbs to CFLs
  8. Convert to dish rags instead of sponges
  9. Convert to cloth instead of paper towels


  1. Take a trip to NY
  2. Take an Alaskan Cruise
  3. Plan a trip to Cabo
  4. Visit 5 new states (0/5)
  5. Visit Disneyworld
  6. Take a trip to Napa
  7. Take five spontaneous weekend trips with Josh (0/5)
  8. Go to a winery
  9. Visit family in Idaho, Illinois and New jersey
  10. Take a road trip

Cleaning and Organization

  1. Make a chore chart and follow for three months (0/3)
  2. Organize all my craft supplies
  3. Help Josh organize the garage
  4. Donate all clothing we don’t wear anymore
  5. Shred all documents that aren’t important
  6. Buy a safe for all important documents
  7. Keep all important paperwork in the correct place
  8. Keep the “junk” drawers clean

Fitness and Food

  1. Lose 5lbs
  2. Lose 10lbs
  3. Lose 20lbs
  4. Exercise 5 days a week for 12 weeks (0/12)
  5. Go hiking at the White Tanks once a month for 3 months (0/3)
  6. Cut out all processed foods.
  7. Find a local healthy restaurant
  8. Give up soda for one week
  9. Cook healthy dinners for one month
  10. Eat vegetarian for one week
  11. Learn to cook authentic Japanese food
  12. Learn to cook authentic Thai food
  13. Make homemade tortillas
  14. Eat all organic food for one week.

Personal (Misc)

  1. Read 50 new books (1/50)
  2. Make wedding album
  3. Watch only 1 hour of TV a day for 1 week.
  4. Send online Christmas cards each year
  5. Paint three pieces of artwork (0/3)
  6. Learn to knit
  7. Crochet an afghan a month for 12 months (0/12)
  8. Master Adobe Illustrator
  9. Master Adobe Photoshop
  10. Take a Marine Biology Course
  11. Blog everyday for one month (1/31)
  12. Pay for someone behind me in a drive through
  13. Use all natural hair products
  14. Go to a Dallas Cowboys game
  15. Go to a book signing
  16. Watch 100 movies I have not seen before (0/100)
  17. Learn a new language
  18. Use Wii Fit for 30 days straight (0/30)
  19. Wear all natural makeup for one week
  20. Win a radio station contest
  21. Take part in a charity walk
  22. Make a new 101 in 1001 list to complete after this one
  23. Inspire someone else to start blogging
  24. Learn to drive manual transmission
  25. Have Josh change the oil in my car for a year
  26. Learn to sew
  27. Take photos and hang them on my walls
  28. Buy a new Apple Computer
  29. Take pictures with Josh in Sedona and Jerome

Family and Friends

  1. Start the Adoption process
  2. Make 5 new friends
  3. Host a dinner party for friends
  4. Host Thanksgiving/Christmas for family and cook the entire meal
  5. Take Josh on a surprise vacation
  6. Go on a girls only vacation
  7. Call my Nana once a week for 1001 days
  8. Get passports
  9. Go on a trip just with my Mom and sister
  10. Learn to make sushi
  11. Bake a cake from scratch for a dinner party
  12. Keep a set sleep schedule
  13. Have a girls weekend in Lake Havasu with Lori
  14. Give out five “just because” gifts to family (0/5)


  1. Buy a home!
  2. Paint every room in the house (including laundry, not including closets)
  3. Buy outdoor furniture
  4. Display my own artwork in at least two rooms (0/2)
  5. Decorate guest bedroom with “Sedona” themed decor
  6. Sew my own curtains
  7. Refurbish a piece of furniture
  8. Buy a Christmas tree and decorations
  9. Buy new living room set


  1. Payoff debt
  2. Increase emergency fund from 6 months to 9 months
  3. Cut spending money to $5/week for 4 weeks (0/4)
  4. Put tax return money towards student loans (0/3)
  5. Save $1001 in a separate account and splurge on myself if I finish the entire list (0/1001)
  6. Complete baby fund
  7. Actively contribute to new car fund
  8. Tip 100% for great service


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